This site was based on a Linux product. All links have to do with tech. Clean link profile and will make a great PBN with juice.

Not indexed.


Tech domain that can be used as a PBN or company. Was originally a site about Dubain Linux. Was only used by one comapany, not other sites were built on this.

Links include wikipedia.org, nabble.com, ubuntuforums, distrowatch and more.

Not indexed.

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This domain always had a country music blog on it. There were two different sites over the years, but both were about country music. No other sites were built on this domain.

This is a Brandable domain and would work for a PBN or a Money site.

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This was a website about Open Source in the Tech niche.

Back links include hacks.mozilla.org and mywot.com.

There was only the original site on this and the domain is completely clean.

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This was a marketing website and is perfect for any kind of marketing PBN or due to the name, can be used as a money site as well.

Some links to note are econsultancy.com, contentmarketinginstitute.com, ducttapemarketing.com, battlemedia.com and more. Anchors are all marketing related with a nice mix, could be used for a money site if you wanted.

Was used as a 301 redirect to another marketing website for a few years. No other site was built on this domain.

Not indexed.

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This was a site about “Ethiopian Orthodox Church Development and Inter Church Aid Commission (EOC – DICAC)” So great for any sort of religious site.

Has 2 foreign language wikipedia links, ammanu.edu.jo, plus.

It did have 2 other sites after the original including a house Japanese site. But the links are clean and the site was not penalized in any way. This is still a good domain.

Domain is not indexed.

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This domain originally was for publishing professional papers from academics along with the academic’s biography. Could be used in any niche like education, publishing, reference and so on.

This domain has MANY different wikipedia.org links (many languages.) Also, fedoraproject.org, wikia, isnare , 8 foreign educational links plus a lot more.

This domain is completely clean and only the original one website was on this.

Currently not indexed.

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This is a clean art domain that was originally in French, so most of the links come from French sites. I can’t read French, so can’t tell you much more about this domain. Other than it has good links and does have juice.

Not indexed.

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This domain deals with ADD (attention deficit disorder) in the health niche. It is a long exact match domain with hyphens. This would work with any health site, but best would be for a site dealing with behavior problems.

This domain is over optimized for its keyword, but as a PBN it has juice!

This domain is completely clean and was never used for anything other than the original website.

A few important links to the domain are: blogger.com, ithica.edu, srph.ru (edu)

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