This site was based on a Linux product. All links have to do with tech. Clean link profile and will make a great PBN with juice.

Not indexed.


This domain originally was for publishing professional papers from academics along with the academic’s biography. Could be used in any niche like education, publishing, reference and so on.

This domain has MANY different wikipedia.org links (many languages.) Also, fedoraproject.org, wikia, isnare , 8 foreign educational links plus a lot more.

This domain is completely clean and only the original one website was on this.

Currently not indexed.

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This domain deals with ADD (attention deficit disorder) in the health niche. It is a long exact match domain with hyphens. This would work with any health site, but best would be for a site dealing with behavior problems.

This domain is over optimized for its keyword, but as a PBN it has juice!

This domain is completely clean and was never used for anything other than the original website.

A few important links to the domain are: blogger.com, ithica.edu, srph.ru (edu)

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