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Nick Nicholls


When purchasing a website from someone online it's always difficult to find a trust worthy source. I purchased a site from them and they went above and beyond to make sure I had every thing I needed and the transaction was quick and smooth. Authority rush has me as a long term customer.

Luke Fanders

The Market Sharks

My business partner and I have bought domains from Authority Rush over the years and consistently deliver on quality and pricing. We tried our own domain acquisition in house and it’s a full-time job. We are a lot more efficient using a reliable provider with experience acquiring strong/clean domains we know we can count on. A+++

Kevin Jackson


Authority Rush has helped me with domains over the years, quality every time. I have 2 businesses thriving at the moment thanks to the domains I've acquired from them. It's so time consuming going through and finding reliable suppliers and Authority Rush has proven themselves to be my go-to for quality authority domains.